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It is a large, all-including, multimedial encyclopaedic catalogue concerning compositions (and therefore scores) for and with the guitar from 1546 to about 1900 (for those from 1900 to date see Pocci).
The aim is to gather many studies, musical audio and video interpretations and much information about musical scores of four and a half centuries. We think it necessary to get students, professional people, as well as enthusiasts to know the extent of the original guitar repertoire.
Unfortunately we are used to playing and listening always to the same pieces. It is just as important to find out the different interpretations of the same piece in order to make artistic communication easier, and improve our awareness of our way of communicating. In this way, when we propose our interpretation of the same piece, we will be more aware of similarities and differences with existing interpretations.
It is also useful to know how and where to find texts, scores, CDs and other things we need. It will be possible to do different types of crossed research.
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